We always want our superiors to have a lasting impression on us, their approval can help us advance in life as it can increase the chances of getting a promotion, a better raise, and other bonuses. The most obvious way to impress our superiors is to do the given tasks successfully. Everyone does their work perfectly at the beginning but over time they start to slack behind, so, continuing to do a good job will definitely win you their approval. You can also look for other flaws within the office and speak to your boss about improving it. For example, you can suggest a better-quality printing service if your current one does not seem to be good or suggest how the company can improve if we cut off some of the unnecessary expenses. These things would show your boss that you are interested in the well-being of the company and thus can make you stand out from the rest.Here are some additional tips that can help you out

1. Be loyal You should never talk about your boss behind their back, words have their way of getting out and if it does, it has the potential to destroy your reputation.

2. Take up more projectsRemember the time in the meeting where your boss asked if anyone wants to volunteer to do something? Well, that’s your ticket for impressing your boss. You will earn their respect by volunteering to do more work. But ensure that you don’t stuff yourself with too much work. Know your limitations and work according to that.

3. Do not give them personal giftsThis can make it look obvious that you are trying to impress them, you aren’t required to get your boss anything but if you really want to, then consider giving something as a group instead of individually. You can get something like a customized pen, thank you card or you can buy photo frames online and place a picture of your team in it.

4. Help your colleaguesIt is quite easy to get ahead of yourself and think about only improving yourself in a workplace, but at times getting a job done requires a team effort. If you feel like your colleague is lagging behind, you should consider helping them out instead of snitching about them. This can help you finish your tasks faster, plus your boss is definitely going to be impressed if he finds that you are helping out another person when you got your own work, it’s basically a win-win.

How To Impress Your Boss?

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