Videography is a process in which moving images are captured on streaming and electronic media. All the methods of post-production as well as video production are included in videography. Videography is done by the art of professional and experienced videographers. It is a trend nowadays of making movies and pictures of an event such as wedding ceremonies, parties and other family events to store as memory and more in media for movies, dramas, and videoclips. videography is very common these days. 

What does a videographer do? 

A videographer is a person who records live events, documentaries, and small-scale videos. He is responsible for capturing your events thoroughly such as short films, legal depositions, birthday parties, wedding events, sports events, commercials, documentaries, and training videos. Videographers can work as independent and self-employ. Somewhere the work of videographer includes editing and special effects. For this purpose, he captures footage and has special equipment for working as an independent. There is a need for of at least a bachelor’s degree related to film and broadcasting to work in the field of videography. He should have all professional, time management, and organisational skills for working as a videographer. 

Qualities of professional videographer: 

After getting the studies of broadcasting media, there is a need for some qualities to carry this field as a profession. He should have great communication skills, he must be graduated, he must be a good leader, he must have complete knowledge about all types of videography as well as video making or capturing process. He must know all the types of video making equipment, video cameras, lighting rings, editing ways, and software. He must have a great quality of working for both on and off set. videographers in AKL should be punctual and available all the time for working and for providing their services. He must know the modern trends of capturing short videos. He should have the quality to adapt to any situation on the set. He must have different plans for capturing a video. He must have a keen eye for critical mind and detail. He must be creative and self-motivated. He must have a keen interest in making videos. 

Feedback about videographer: 

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